What’s Happening in Dublin this weekend (November 17th) – Free Events

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What’s Happening in Dublin this weekend (November 17th) – Free Events

We’re rounded up five cool things happening this week in Dublin for Free!

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We’ve got 5 cool things to do in Dublin this weekend!

Irish Christmas Craft Fair

A Nation on Display: Landscapes, Luxuries & Legacies

Miniature Masterpieces at the National Print Museum

Film Screening: Marie Menken: Film Poet and Warhol Superstar

Science Week

Irish Christmas Craft Fair

Friday, 17 Nov – Saturday, 18th Nov – Free – Scots Hall Clontarf

If you’re looking for gift ideas this Christmas, enjoy a day out at the Christmas Craft and Gift Fair, with 30 stalls of Irish crafts. The fair runs this weekend. On Friday, November 17th, from 4 pm to 8 pm and Saturday, November 18th, from 11 am to 5 pm.

The location is The Scots Hall Clontarf & Scots Presbyterian Church, corner of Clontarf and Howth Roads. There will be tea, coffee, and baked goods for sale. All are welcome, and admission is free!

A Nation on Display: Landscapes, Luxuries & Legacies

Friday, 17 Nov – 5pm – Free – National Museum, Collins Barracks

Join Muireann Charleton, ATU lecturer in Visual & Material Culture and PhD candidate Kingston University; Dee Maher Ring, PhD candidate TU Dublin; and Angela Mehegan, PhD candidate TU Dublin for a discussion on the themes of Irish twentieth-century design, taste, national identity, oral testimonies, landscapes, craft and exhibitions.

These three speakers will present their research into Irish design history and explore how it may be used to construct a new folklore. Archival research and oral history’s vital role in understanding Irish material culture will be discussed and the importance of valuing the voices of designers, craftspeople, and consumers in the study of design that affects them, will also be highlighted.

The talks will take place on Friday 17th November, from 5pm to 6pm in the National Museum of Ireland AV Theatre, at Collins Barracks, Dublin 7.

Get more information on their site here!

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Miniature Masterpieces at the National Print Museum

Continuous Exhibitions – Free – National Print Museum of Ireland

This exhibition – a collaboration between the National Print Museum and An Post, and supported by the Department of Environment, Climate and Communications – provides a unique insight into Irish identity, as the Decade of Centenaries draws to a close.

Stamps, originally used to signify payment of postage, have evolved into works of artistry, symbols of nationhood, and miniature ambassadors that quietly represent nations and their peoples around the world.

Stephen Ferguson, Exhibition Curator and Company Archivist & Museum Curator at An Post, says, “It is fitting that an exhibition about stamps should be held here in the National Print Museum, celebrating the traditional craft of the printer.”

Check out the National Print Museum here!

Red Stables Market – St. Anne’s Park

Saturday , 18 Nov – 10am – 4pm – Free Entry

Offering free entry, this vibrant market remains undeterred by the concerts happening this week, ensuring you won’t miss out on this exceptional experience. Discover an extraordinary assortment of both mouth-watering food and exquisite crafts that showcase the talent and passion of local artisans.

As you step into the lively atmosphere, immerse yourself in the enticing aromas and the kaleidoscope of colours that greet you at every turn. From freshly harvested produce to artisanal cheeses, organic meats, and delectable baked goods, the Red Stables Farmers Market is a haven for food enthusiasts seeking the finest quality and unique flavours.

Come together with the community, support local businesses, and enjoy a truly remarkable experience at the Red Stables Farmers Market in St. Anne’s Park. With its free entry, incredible mix of food and crafts, and the chance to grab some unforgettable bread from Bread 41, this market is a must-visit destination for all enthusiasts of quality, taste, and artistic expression.

Science Week

Now – Sunday 19th Nov – Free – Various Locations

Science week 2023 asks one question – “what does it mean to be human in today’s world, and how the decisions we make today, will impact humans of the future”

Science week has events every day starting from Sunday until next Sunday. These events involve industry, colleges, schools, libraries, teachers, researchers and students throughout Ireland. Science Week has a number of regional festivals offering a range of opportunities for the public to engage with STEM in across Ireland.

Some events cross over with the Book Festival in Dublin Castle. So be sure to Discover the Dublin Science Week events now.

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Snap of the Week

A winter walk along the coast of Balbriggan, this area is known as the back beach and can be reached from the harbour or the bower.

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