About Us

We have come together to create the ultimate guide to discovering Dublin, except we want to find the best things to do in Dublin for free.

All events, tours, and gigs will be always be free. It’s something that we think our culture needs more of!

Olivia Sinclair

Olivia is the innovative brain behind The Dublin Buzz, a widely acclaimed initiative emphasizing that enjoyment in Dublin is not necessarily synonymous with large expenditures. She established this venture with a vision to prove that Dublin has a cornucopia of cost-effective yet wonderful experiences.

Her journey began by releasing a complimentary weekly newsletter, which swiftly became a launchpad for those seeking thrill and frugality in the same package. This newsletter highlighted an array of invigorating events taking place across the city each week that required no entry fees, showcasing the rich, accessible culture seeded deep within Dublin.

Stephen Sharpe

Stephen is a budding writer with a profound passion for the timeless allure of Dublin. His admiration for the city is unrivaled, and it passionately emanates through his exceptional writing. With an innate ability to encapsulate the unique charm of Dublin, Stephen’s work paints a vivid picture of the city, encouraging others to explore and appreciate its magic.

Each week, he brings to life the vibrant events happening around Dublin through his engaging narratives. His hope is to inspire readers to join in on the experience, allowing them to familiarize themselves with the city’s highlights and traditions, while sparking curiosity in them to uncover hidden corners on their own

Luke McLeod

Luke McLeod, an active observer of Dublin’s vibrant hospitality and events landscape, is renowned for his ability to uncover the city’s hidden gems. Every week, with a keen eye on the burgeoning social scene, he sieves out the best activities and events for Dubliners and tourists alike.

Over the years, Luke juggled his professional life between Europe and the USA, gaining a plethora of cultural and social experiences along the way. His travel escapades have enhanced his ability to discern the extraordinary in the ordinary, nurturing a unique perspective that has proven to be invaluable in his current endeavour.

Settled back into Dublin now, Luke isn’t just living in the city – he is living it. From knowing the best pint of Guinness to discovering the city’s cultural hotspots, his profound understanding of authentic Dublin life drives him to guide others in exploring the best the city can offer. With his rich background and zest for urban exploration, Luke McLeod stands as a reliable guide to the Dublin lifestyle.